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Do You Have Damaged Garage Door Panels?

Minor accidents, such as stray balls, broken garage door parts, and car accidents, can damage your garage door panels, causing dents or bends. Unsightly damage like this detracts from your curb appeal and may interfere with your garage door’s smooth operation. But don’t worry, one damaged garage door panel doesn’t mean you need to invest in a whole new garage door! 

Choice Garage Doors is here to restore the look and functionality of your overhead door with our professional garage door panel replacement service. This involves trading out the damaged sections of your overhead door with new panels. So, if you have a damaged garage door, don’t automatically buy a new one. Instead, trust us to assess your door and see if garage door panel replacement is the right choice for you!

Panel Replacement or Garage Door Replacement—What’s Right for You?

Several factors influence whether a garage door panel replacement or a full replacement makes more sense for your home and budget. 

  1. Your garage door’s age — If your damaged garage door is already 15+ years old, it’s likely not worth investing in a garage door panel replacement. You’ll have to replace the whole door in the next 5-7 years, so we recommend going for the garage door replacement. 
  2. The extent of the damage — How many garage door panels are damaged? You may be a good candidate for an affordable garage door panel replacement if it’s one or two panels. However, if more than two garage door panels need replacement, you’re better off investing in a new garage door. 
  3. Your garage door model — Some garage door panels are easier to replace than others if they are readily available or can be purchased individually from the manufacturer. However, if you have a custom garage door, it may be difficult to find garage door panels that perfectly match it. 

Would you like to talk to a professional about whether a garage door panel replacement or a new garage door is right for you? Contact Choice Garage Doors! We’d be happy to visit your home for an in-person consultation and walk you through the best next step for your home and budget. Call now to schedule your appointment!

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Book Garage Door Panel Replacement in Bainbridge, Binghamton, Oneonta, and Norwich

If you’re ready to book garage door panel replacement in Bainbridge, Binghamton, Oneonta, Norwich, or the surrounding areas, contact Choice Garage Doors. We’d be happy to visit you for an in-home consultation so we can assess your garage door damage and recommend if a garage door panel replacement is right for you. Call now to get started!

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